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Pumpkin Spice Coffee 12oz Bag
FC132 Pumpkin Spice Coffee 12oz Bag
French Caramel Coffee 12oz Bag
FC131 French Caramel Coffee 12oz Bag
1Filtron FIlter Pads with storage container 2 per pack
2Filtron 30L Cold Water Coffee Concentrate Brewing System
3Filtron Filter Kit 36 paper liners, 2 filter pads and 3 rubber stoppers

Cold water coffee brewing, popular among Dutch settlers in Java in the 19th century, steeps coarsely ground coffee in cold, fresh water for up to 24 hours. When filtered the liquid concentrate, or essence, may be stored in the refrigerator for up to six weeks or may be frozen for longer periods. When reconstituted, it becomes a delicious smooth-tasting low acid cup of coffee.        


Now available in our ever popular domestic size and our commercial size!!


Same great coffee concentrate flavor as the Filtron System, in a commercial/foodservice size
Filtron PROTM is manufactured by Filtron, the original cold water coffee brewing system, which has delighted coffee connoisseurs around the world for four generations.

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